Fat Plus Supplement for Weak and Skinny Cats and Dogs


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If you are worried about your pet’s skinniness, then Fat Plus Supplement can help them gain some healthy weight.

  • Clear results guaranteed with regular use
  • Rich in fats, calcium and other essentials ingredients
  • Powder from can be mixed with any type of raw, jelly, dry or wet food
  • Fat+ supplement also helps increasing milk production in female pets
  • 120 gram net weight


Sprinkle over food and introduce just 25% of the recommended dose initially and increase gradually.

Only for animals 10 weeks of age or older

Dosage guide:

  • Adult dogs (large breed): 5-10g
  • Puppies and small breed: 3-5g
  • Adult cats: 2-4g
  • Kittens: 1-2g


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