Alpha Stress Free Syrup | Relaxant Supplement for Pets


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Alpha Stress Free Syrup for animals is a combination of natural herbs that guards your pet against the possible risk of various stress and infections. It helps to keep your pet calm, mood happy and healthy. It helps to protect from skin infections and allergic conditions, itching and inflammation, scavenge oxygen free radicals and support proper bowel movements. It aid as an genetic and immunity booster.

  • Keep pets stress-free, active and playful
  • Boost growth and ward off diseases
  • Natural rejuvenator
  • Prevents dehydration and anxiety
  • Improves digestion and appetite
  • Speeds up the recuperation process


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Composition (Each 100 ml)

Contains water extractives derived from the following herbs:

  • Ocimum basilicum 15 gm
  • Withania somnifera 12 gm
  • Bacopa monnieri 12 gm
  • Emblica officinalis 8 gm

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