Pet Surgeries

All the elective and urgent pet surgeries. Everything from spaying, neutering, dental extractions; to removal of skin growths.
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About Pet Surgeries at Chubby Meows Vet Clinic

Pet surgery can be uncomfortable for both pets and pet owners, we understand this so we go the extra mile to make this a smooth and comfortable experience.
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Surgeries you can count on

All the surgical procedures we perform at Chubby Meows Pet Clinic are calculated and well-thought. You can trust us to ensure the best outcome for your pets.

Highly experienced in surgical procedures

Chubby Meows Clinic has performed more than five thousand surgeries, so all of our doctors and surgeons have deep hands-on experience.  
Pet surgeries at CM
DVM and M.Phil in veterinary medicine staff

Complimentary surgery consultation with qualified team

We offer complimentary pre-surgery and post-surgery consultation with highly qualified doctors.

Surgeries We Offer

Veterinary surgeons at Chubby Meows handle almost all major cat and dog surgeries, browse to learn more


Advance dental procedures; filing, adjustment, extraction, or repair of your pets' teeth and all other aspects of oral health.


Complete removal of ovaries and uterus in order to sterilize a female cat or dog.


Removal of both the testicles in male dogs or cats. This procedure is done meticulously at our clinic.


This is a major surgery in which puppies or kittens are removed from the uterus of a dog or cat. Caesarean sections are performed in emergency cases.


We use sutures, staples, or surgical glue is used to close and repair wounds in animals.

Total Ear Canal Ablation

We remove the diseased tissue of the external and middle ear. This surgery minimizes the chances of long-term issues.

Perineal Urethrostomy

This surgery is performed to alleviate urethral obstruction on cats that have an obstructive urinary tract.

Mammary Gland Tumor Extraction

Our vet surgeons mostly perform this surgery on female cats and dogs to remove masses that affect mammary gland.


Herniorrhaphy is performed to correct hernias that are projections or protrusions of an organ through the body wall of the cavity.

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All surgeries and procedures are different, so if you need an exact quote, book an appointment for a consultation session with us.
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Chubby Meows dedicate its effort in guiding pet owners rather than just focusing on selling products and services, so consult with us if you are confused about anything pet-related.
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