General Checkup

Everything from annual checkup to important consultation, Chubby Meows can help you with your pet's preventive care.

About Our General Checkup and Preventive Care Consultation

Whether you need mandatory checkup for your pet or you just want to consult regarding your pet's health, behavior, grooming or products, you can count on us.

Cat general checkup by vet

Checkup by Experienced Vets

Our experienced vets leave no stone unturned when it comes to detecting any health or behavioral issues of pets. 

Preventive Care Checklists and Follow-ups

Apart from a comprehensive session, we provide pet owners with checklists and a regular follow-up routine to keep your pet's health monitored.

Pet checkup and consultation methods

There are multiple ways to book it

If you are unable to bring your pet for a physical exam or just want to ask a few questions from the comfort of your home, you can just book an online session and get detailed consultation which is just as good as physical meeting.

What's included in our comprehensive pet checkup

Take a look at everything that's included in a pet wellness exam at Chubby Meows clinic.

Pet history check
General appearance
Nose checkup
Skin exam
Eyes test
Ears test
Oral checkup (teeth and gums)
Neck, chest, and breathing
Skin Turgor Test
Pulse and heartrate 
Question-answer session
Grooming tips
Diet plan consultation
Products consultation
Muscle, paws, and toenails
Walking and alertness check
Hydration, weight, etc

Reasonable Pricing

Chubby Meows has the most reasonable packages when it comes to the pet checkup and consultation in Pakistan.


Physical exam of your pet

700 PKR
one session


15-minute consultation session with expert vets

500 PKR
one session

Have a Question?

Chubby Meows dedicate its effort in guiding pet owners rather than just focusing on selling products and services, so consult with us if you are confused about anything pet-related.
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