Pet Lab Tests

First-rate lab tests with latest technologies that are accurate and accepted by all vets.

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About Our Pet Lab Tests Service

Chubby Meows has an experienced team of veterinarians, technicians, and pet lovers dedicated to making lab testing stress-free, and convenient for pet owners.

Pet lab tests

The best pet lab services

We call our lab service the best because we perform all the lab work on advanced technology. The usage of high-end machinery alone puts us way ahead of the competition. 

No Compromises: Affordable and reliable

There are no compromises when you get your pet's lab work done by Chubby Meows because apart from being reliable and superior, our charges are affordable and don't break the bank of pet owners.

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All lab tests available

All the lab work in one place

We perform almost all types of feline and canine lab tests. Whether you are looking for preventive testing to catch diseases early or diagnostic testing to pinpoint the source of growing problems, we've got you covered!

Tests offered by our veterinary diagnostic lab

Take a closer look at what we offer in our pet diagnostic laboratory 

  • Pet CBC icon

    Complete Blood Count

    FELV FIV test

    FeLV and FIV

    Heartworm test

    Heartworm Antigen Testing

    Pet glucose test

    Blood Sugar (Glucose)

  • Pet urine test


    Pet stool test

    Fecal Testing

    Pet Xray icon


    Pet liver heart kidney test

    Other Vital Organ Tests

Pet Lab Tests Costs

It's difficult to list down and update prices of different lab procedures for all animals, so please reach out to us to inquire about pet lab work prices.

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Chubby Meows dedicate its effort in guiding pet owners rather than just focusing on selling products and services, so consult with us if you are confused about anything pet-related.
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