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Learn all about  Chubby Meows, its story, how and why it started and where it's going.
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Hafiz Saad Butt | Founder Chubby Meows

It Started with Passion and Love

Hafiz Saad Butt is a cat lover who was initially confused about properly taking care of his pets because there were no proper pet help centers when he owned his first cat. So he started a YouTube channel to share his knowledge with other cat owners, which became the biggest Pet community in Pakistan with over 100k pet owners. 

When & What

Historical Timeline

Chubby Meows grew very fast because we love what we do and we never settle for anything less than excellent.

Chubby Meows YT Channel Started

01 April 2018
Chubby Meows started as a YouTube channel by Hafiz Saad Butt in 2018 which was well-received by majority of audience because information was provided in simplest way

We Started to Sell Pet Supplies Online

August 2018
On popular demand of hundreds of pet owners, we started to provide pet food and other products to owners with proper consultation and guarantee of quality

Planned for Expansion (All Pet Services Under One Roof)

January 2019
Chubby Meows continued to gain popularity and won trust of thousands of pet owners, which led us the planning of launching one-stop pet care center where pet owners can buy food, get veterinary help and use the best pet day care service. 

Vet and Grooming Services Offered

November 2020
Chubby Meows started providing veterinary, boarding and grooming services with the help of expert staff and top veterinarians.

Aiming to Be the Most Comprehensive and Best Pet Care Center

23 June 2016
Chubby Meows has never compromised on quality. Whether it's information, consultation, products or vet services, we strive for the best. Now we're working to provide the best online store and flawless appointment booking system. 


To become the most notable and reliable name in the field of pet information,  supplies, veterinary and day care so that pet owners always think of Chubby Meows whenever they need anything.
Pet info


By our videos and blogs, we are always aiming to provide detailed and authentic information.
Pet supplies


No matter what pet supply you buy, Chubby Meows will always ensure quality. And most importantly, you will always get what we promise.
veterinary and grooming icon


We are always improving our veterinary and grooming services to provide best experience for you and your pets and we will not settle for less than perfect.  

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Chubby Meows dedicate its effort in guiding pet owners rather than just focusing on selling products and services, so consult with us if you are confused about anything pet-related.
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