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The true one-stop for all your pet care needs; pet products, clinical services and useful information.
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The True One-Stop for All Pet Needs

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Order or physically buy any pet product, from pet food to toys in Pakistan.

Pet Clinic

Get the best care for your furry friend by the experts vets at Chubby Meows pet clinic.

Pet Boarding & Grooming

Need someone to take care of your loving pet? We've got you covered with the best boarding in Lahore, Pakistan.
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No matter how many products or services we offer, we will ensure the consistency and quality by all means. You and your pet's trust matters to us!

Clinical and Grooming Services

Chubby Meows provides comprehensive and top-notch grooming and clinical services in Pakistan. Browse our services and book an appointment for the best treatment.
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    We provide convenient vaccination service for all cats and dogs. Visit us to get your pet vaccinated. 
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    We've mastered pet surgery by performing thousands of successful surgeries
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    Oral care is crucial for your pet's health, let Chubby Meows help you with your pet's dental care.
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    Confused or need any help? Visit us or book an online session for the best pet consultation and checkup.
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    Busy or going out of town? Let us take care of your pet with our top-class pet boarding facility.
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    We offer everything from nail and hair trimming, to medicated bath, ear, eye, teeth and anal gland cleaning.

Browse all our veterinary and grooming services.

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Featured Pet Products

Browse and shop the latest and hot-selling pet products available at Chubby Meows.
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Pet Food
All types of foods for cats and dogs.
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Litter and Housebreaking
All types of foods for cats and dogs.
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Flea & Tick Control
All types of foods for cats and dogs.
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Pet Health Supplies
All types of foods for cats and dogs.
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Grooming Supplies
All types of foods for cats and dogs.
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Pet Toys
All types of foods for cats and dogs.

Browse all our products and pet supplies categories.

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Recent Posts on Chubby Meows Blog

Check out our latest blog posts to get important information about your pet's wellbeing. 
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Why Choose Us

Check the top reason of what makes us the best choice for your pet care. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We take customer satisfaction much more seriously than our competitors. Plus, we ourselves are not satisfied with mediocre work so you can trust us with our satisfaction guarantee.
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Professional Services

We have highly qualified and certified staff to take care of your pet needs and we regularly train our staff to go the extra mile when it comes to professionalism. We're known for our top-rated professionalism. 
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Honesty & Transparency

We hide nothing because there's nothing to hide and it's not our standard to take advantage of customers' innocence for our personal gains.

Experience & Qualification

Our doctors, groomers and other staff has years of experience and are certified by proper authorities.  

Don't Just Take Our Word for It

Check what other pet owners are saying about Chubby Meows in their verified Google reviews.
"Clean environment for the pets. Really caring and corporative staff. Best clinical experience so far for me"
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Fatima Tahseen

"Chubby Meows is the best place as a one stop shop for all pet needs. Best service. Would definitely visit again"

Hassan Anjum

"The owner/staff (of Chubby Meows) is very nice and guides new pet owners in a detailed manner and is always there to help your pet"

Iqra Sheikh

"Chubby Meows has wonderfully cooperative staff, clean environment and great grooming services for all the pets"

Maryam Butt

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Chubby Meows dedicate its effort in guiding pet owners rather than just focusing on selling products and services, so consult with us if you are confused about anything pet-related.
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